EP UltraFiltration Spiral Element

All_UF_solo_v2Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Membrane with Extended Life and Superior Chemical Resistance

Designed for extended life in a wide range of industrial and electrocoat applications, EP Ultrafiltration Spiral Elements provide greater resistance to fouling by colloidal particles and oily contamination. The Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) membrane provides excellent chemical and temperature resistance under a variety of process conditions. The lineage of Parker’s elements go back to the beginning of the use of spiral elements in Electrocoat applications. AMT (Advanced Membrane Technology) originated the use of spiral elements in Electrocoating in the 1980′s. Since then the use of spiral elements dominates this application in Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, and Reverse Osmosis. For many, Parker’s product is the ultimate in quality, performance, and reproducibility. Other competitive products are but copies of the AMT/Parker design.

The heart of the spiral ultrafiltration element is the membrane. Parker’s was developed explicitly for Electrocoat dewatering, preventing the loss of paint pigments and other active ingredients while maximizing the transmission of aqueous phase through the membrane. This high performance membrane is coupled with an element designed to minimize the potential of fouling or element failure. Parker’s selection of element components is designed to maximize the effective surface area while providing adequate space for both feed and permeate flow minimizing resistance to flow. When operated within the correct operating parameters and the paint is within the appropriate range of pH, temperature, and solids, without the presence of unwanted contaminants such as bacteria, iron, etc., Parker’s elements have provided optimum performance from twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months or longer . Parker’s unique membrane technology offers membranes that are neutrally charged and require no special additives especially in post cleaning.

Parker’s Electrocoat UF Spiral Elements are designed to fit virtually all applications and housings. This includes the smaller elements commonly used from the laboratory or small volume applications such as the 1812 to 2521 sizes. The larger scale production scale elements are available to fit virtual all available housing design from the 4” 40281 to the 8” 8340 sizes. Its diameters, outer construction, lengths, and product water tube configurations fit competitive housings.

Parker and Filtration and Separation have the Electrocoat Spiral Ultrafiltration element to fit your application, whether anodic or cathodic, with the premier in performance, quality and reliability. Go to the literature and product technical data sections for more information.

  • Available in sealed (low flow) or netted (high flow) design

  • Anodic/Cathodic Paint

  • Membrane has no electrical charge and can be used on either Anodic or Cathodic electrocoat paints

  • Select Water Borne Paints

  • Resistant to fouling due to contamination or color pigments

  • Waste Water Recycle

  • Element construction developed for extended life in industrial application

  • Alkaline Cleaner Recovery

  • Available in standard diameter or custom sized configurations for maximum performance and
    optimal cleaning

  • PVA Recovery

  • Increased resistance to oxidizing cleaning agents

  • Available in many configurations to retrofit competitive element



Material of Construction
Operating Limits / Conditions


Polyvinylidene Fluoride


Maximum Inlet Pressure

60 psi (4.1 bar)

Backing Material:



Typical Inlet Pressure

40-60 psi (2.7-4.1 bar)
(Application specific)

Permeate Tube:

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)


Maximum Operating Temp:

122oF (50oC)

Seal Carrier:

ABS Plastic


pH Range, continuous


Brine Seal:



pH Range, short-term cleaning

2-11.5@122oF (50oC)



UltraFiltration Drawings:

EP76475-BS01-H7 UF Membrane
EP8040-BS14-H8 UF Membrane
EP8040-BS05-H8 UF Membrane
EP7940-BS03-HL UF Membrane
EP7640-BS03-H7 UF Membrane
EP7640-BS01-H7 UF Membrane
EP4040-BSF1-H4 UF Membrane
Separations User Guide: EP Element Installation – First Cleaning
Ultafilter System Operating Manual
UF Cleaning Procedures
Statement of Quality
Parker Process Advanced Filtration EP Element by Pass Seal Installation – EPxxxx-H5, H7, H8
Parker Process Advanced Filtration EP Element by Pass Seal Installation – EPxxxx-H5, H7, H8

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