EDCell (Tubular Anolyte Cell)


T-15 and T-20 Series Tubular Anolyte Cells (TAC) for Cathodic E-Coat Applications

The EDcell is a robust and energy saving fully rotatable anode that does not require disassembly to ensure even ware and longer life. The design allows for separation of the membrane from the neck for the easy replacement of torn membrane, therefore reducing replacement and shipping costs. The EDcell – TAC also features a clean anolyte fluid feed down the center of the anode that prevents clogging and improved flow around the anode. The high efficiency membrane is supported and protected with heavy duty protective mesh providing added durability. FAST’s flushable EDcell maintains optimum paint conditions by extracting counter ions from the paint bath as it also serves as a counter electrode with minimal electrical resistance.




  • Closed top design can be mounted
    vertically or horizontally
  • Ecoat Paint System
  • Automotive
  • Rotatable Anode
  • Appliances
  • Robust Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Submersible Electrodes
  • Lawn and Garden
  • High Electrical Efficiency
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Designed to allow replacement of
    just membrane area to save cost
  • Furniture
  • Decorative Hardware

Anolyte Cell Design

Open Top Cell

The EDcell open top is designed for economy, simplicity, and effectiveness. This design combines
state-of-the-art ion exchange membrane with tried and true cell construction. This combination provides effective counter ion removal with excellent electrical efficiency and long life. The rotatable anode concept allows the anode to be evenly eroded over its surface extending anode life.

Closed Top Cell

The closed top EDcell is one of a few designs that allow the anode to be rotated without disassembly for ease of rotation and longer anode life. Like the open top cell this design combines state-of-the-art ion exchange membrane with tried and true cell construction for economy, simplicity, and effectiveness. The design allows effective use of the membrane and anode for efficient counter ion removal and electrical usage.

Material of Construction


Heavy Duty PVC

Membrane Protector:


Membrane Support



Seamed 316 SS
Seamless 316 SS




Anode Diameter

Effective Area



0.49 ft2/ft
0.15 m2/m



0.62 ft2/ft
0.19 m2/m



Pre-expanded ion exchange resin

High effective surface area

For Cathodic and Anodic Paint




3.47" (88.14 mm)


4.06" (103 mm)


Effective length – to 120" (366 cm)



Flow meters with valve

Supply and return tubing

Mounting clamps

Inlet and outlet connections

Electrical wire

Electrical quick disconnects

Optional Configurations

Submersible Cells

Same features as the side cells except completely submersible. Available in custom sizes and formats. Available in both bare anode and membrane style cells. Appropriate mounting hardware is also available.

Overhead Cells

Same features as the side cells available in custom sizes. Mounting hardware is available.

Bare Electrodes

Cells without Electrodes




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