Bag Filters and Housings

Felt Filter Bags

We offer two types of felt filter bags at FAST. Sure-Weld and Classic Felt Filter Bags have been an internationally renowned product for over 30 years. Enjoy the advantage of the TRI-SEAL poly flange over standard sewn filter bags, as well as state of the art welding technology. 

Classic Felt Filter Bags are part of the widest range of needle punch felt filters in the industry. Manufactured by large and industry respected needle punch manufacturers in North America, they are fabricated by high speed, yet precise needling equipment. Our felt filter bags are the most reliable available.

Standard benefits include reduced labor costs due to fewer change outs and overall efficiency due to reduced disposal time and cost. They are also much more hygienic due to inside out flow dynamics. 

Sure-Weld Filter Bag


The Sure-Weld Felt Filter Bag, with our proprietary “TRI-SEAL” poly flange provides a distinct advantage compared to conventional sewn filter bag with metal snap rings or industry standard poly flanges. Using state-of-the-art welding technology specifically designed to bond needle punched textile fabrics, we are able to offer the strongest most reliable welded filter bags on the market. Our Sure-Weld filters come with the security of an overlap side seam, which eliminates the “bump” that occurs with conventional sewn snap ring filters. By welding to a “TRI-SEAL” poly flange our fully welded filter bags offer unparalelled seal security, which delivers superior filtrate consistancy.

Features and Benefits
  • Higher efficiencies due to tighter seal tolerances

  • No thread, which eliminates potential silicone contamination from this likely source

  • Puncture free overlap side seams provide added strength and improves effluent consistancy

Classic Felt Filter Bags


FAST offer the widest range of needle punch felt filters in the market. We have formed long-term strategic partnerships with North America’s largest and most respected needle punch manufacturers. All of our fabrics are manufactured on state-of-the-art high speed needling equipment that continuously monitor key specifications in real time resulting in the most uniform and consistent fabric across the entire web in our industry. By combining our technically advanced converting process with the industry’s most reliable media, FAST offers a felt filter bag that leads in product quality, reliability and repeatability.

Features and Benefits
  • Felt filter bags offer several distinct advantages over standard string wound and melt blown cartridges

  • Hygienically superior due to inside-out flow dynamics, all impurities are contained inside the filter bag

  • Lower total costs due to higher solids loading capabilities

  • Reduced labor costs from fewer change-outs

  • Fewer spent filters resulting in reduced disposal costs

  • Reduced product loss due to lower hold up volumes

  • User friendly because it is easier and quicker to change one filter bag versus several 10″ cartridges

Mesh Filter Bags

FAST’s mesh filter bags come in two different styles: Monofilament and multifilament. State of the art welding technology and TRI-SEAL poly flange ensure product our mesh filter bags are superior to the industry standard. Unsurpassed fabric strength and uniformity of openings ranging from 1-800 microns guarantees high efficiency and no fiber migration.

FDA and EU compliant, monofilament mesh filter bags boast two distinct advantages over multifilament media. They have excellent fabric strength and perfectly uniformed openings that allow for top efficiency, and are conveniently available for standard or bulk orders. FAST’s multifilament mesh filter bags are ideal for applications that require fiber free products. These bags are manufactured to have media openings nominally spaced apart and require the use of a support basket to optimize filter performance. 

Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags


Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags are manufactured in a wide range of micron ratings using a single filament weave. Single filament woven media provides two distinct advantages over multifilament media, excellent fabric strength and perfectly uniformed openings. Monofilament mesh is available in 1 through 800 microns as standard and larger for special orders. For applications where clients require no fiber migration at a high level of efficiency, monofilament material is a perfect fit

Features and Benefits
  • Nylon monofilament is FDA and EU compliant

  • Reliable and predictable filtration performance due to a highly uniformed hole configuration

  • Non-fiber releasing material for high purity applications

  • Extremely wide chemical compatibility

  • Very high tensile strength

  • Hygienically superior due to inside-out flow dynamic, all impurities are contained inside the element.

  • Minimal product loss due to quicker drain off of filtered product

Multifilament Mesh Filter Bags


Multifilament Mesh Filter Bags are manufactured in a narrow range of micron ratings using a multi-strand weave. Multi-strand woven media is very cost effective for those applications where nominal filtration is required. The media openings are nominally spaced apart and require the use of a support basket to optimize filter performance. This media is excellent when applications require fiber free products from 100 micron up to 800 micron nominal efficiency range.

Features and Benefits
  • Available in a highly chemical resistant Nylon material

  • Very cost effective

  • Non-fiber releasing material

  • Excellent nominal efficiency performance when utilized with a support basket

  • Superior to cartridge filtration due to inside-out flow dynamic, all impurities are contained inside the filter bag

  • Reduced product loss due to virtually no media hold up volume


Filter Bag Housings

There are several configurations of standard and custom fitted filter bag and cartridge housings available from FAST, including Manifold Bag Housing Systems, Single Bag Housings, and Multi Bag Housings. Available in sizes styles to fit many filtration applications, housings by FAST are an integral addition to any existing filtration system. 

From low flow SRL vessels, that come with loads of extra features the competitors’ lack, to industrial grade SRID vessels that offer the most advanced filtration technology available, FAST offers a comprehensive suite of modifications and integrated add-ons. 

Single Bag Housings


Single Bag Filter Housings by FAST are used in many different filtration applications. Configurations include both low flow and heavy service options, with many application specific modifications available. For high efficiency filtration, the SRX X-Tra Seal model eliminates vessel-to-bag bypass, while the SRS Standard Duty Vessels are best in setting where value, performance, and reliability under a range of pressure ratings is key. 

Advanced sealing technology, customizable inlet/outlet orientations, adjustable heights and easy cleaning features make FAST Single Bag Filter Housings the top choice of filtration professionals around the world. Standard wire mesh baskets by FAST increase filter surface by up to 30% over competitors.

Multi Bag Housings


FAST is proud to offer the SRM Series of multi-cavity vessels as part of their filter bag and cartridge casings line up. Handle up to 5600 gpm in a single housing with this heavy duty system component. An improved surface area means the system can perform longer between filter change outs. Between 2 and 28 bags can be utilized in the SRM Series, and side inlets/outlets come standard. 

Optional design features include several longwearing coatings such as epoxy, electro-polish or Teflon, higher pressure ratings (above 3,000 psi), jacketing, a variety of lid lifting devices (hydraulic, jack, or manual wheel davit), and custom mesh lined baskets for straining particles 50 microns and higher. 



Filtration and Separation Technology International, Inc. (FAST) provides our customers with unsurpassed product consistency, cost efficiency, and customer service. Our experienced professionals can help you select the right solution for your application. Orders can be e-mailed directly to or to your local distributor listed below. For additional information contact your local distributor. Information on product specifications, applications, and chemical compatibility can be found on our website at or through our headquarters listed below.