Tony Cimorelli Joins Filtration & Separation Technology

Filtration and Separation Technology LLC (FAST LLC) has been recently appointed the Exclusive Worldwide Master Distributor of Parker Hannifin’s Electrocoat Paint Spiral Element product line. FAST LLC is dedicated to providing E-Coat customer with superior customer service.

FAST LLC is committed to supporting Parker’s OEM’s, Distributors, and Users service excellence including pricing, commercial and technical support, responsive deliveries, and friendly assistance. It is FAST’s intention to honor all active Parker quotations for the duration of their term. FAST does not intend to change any avenues to market for the Parker product as long as they provide value to the user. Our goal is to partner with the OEM’s, Distributors and Users to provide value added performance, quality, and service.

As an example of FAST’s commitment to service excellence, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Tony Cimorelli as a sales representative to the Industrial and Appliance E-Coat Market. Tony has many years of experience supporting the sales of filtration and separation devices into the E-Coat market at Romicon, AMT, PTI Advanced Filtration, dominick hunter and Parker Hannifin. We are pleased to have Tony representing FAST LLC to the industrial and Appliance E-Coat Customers.

Tony will be responsible for all industrial and appliance OEM’s, Distributors, and Users in North and South America. Scott Yaeger will be responsible for all application in Europe and Asia and North and South America Automotive OEM’s, Distributors and Users.

Filtration and Separation Technology LLC is the Exclusive Worldwide Distributor for Parker’s E-Coat Spiral Elements and Non Exclusive Worldwide Distributor for Parker’s anolyte cells (Anocels tm ), Housings, Filters, and Accessories.

For more information contact:

Scott Yaeger
Phone: 219-325-0005  
Fax: 219-325-0101 

Tony Cimorelli
Phone: 352-750-5816
Fax: 352-750-5830