Kirsten Kulik Joins Filtration & Separation Technology

Filtration and Separation Technology LLC (FAST LLC) has been the Exclusive Worldwide Master Distributor of Parker Hannifin’s Electrocoat Paint Spiral Element product line since September of 2009. FAST LLC is dedicated to providing E-Coat customer with superior customer service. Our goal is to partner with the OEM’s, Distributors and Users to provide value added performance, quality, and service.

Since 2009, FAST LLC with Parker’s Spiral Element product line has grown considerably resulting in our capability to invest further resources to better support our customers. To exemplify FAST’s commitment to invest in continuing to grow our business and service excellence, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Kirsten Kulik as a sales representative responsible for the supporting our current and future E-Coat customers in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois. Kirsten will operate out of her office, centrally located in her territory, near Ann Arbor, MI. While Kirsten is relatively new to the filtration and Electrocoat market, she is a fast learner and has extensive experience in providing the service excellence that is central to FAST LLC’s mission. In addition to her customer focused dedication, Kirsten also has extensive experience in Internet Marketing which will assist FAST LLC to better address our customers and potential customers access to FAST’s and Parker’s capabilities.

Please warmly welcome Kirsten into the FAST, Parker, and E-Coat families.

FAST LLC worldwide sale team is now represented by Kirsten in her territory defined above, Tony Cimorelli covering the Industrial E-Coat market in the rest of North America and the Industrial and Automotive Markets of Central and South America. SL Chew covering the Industrial and Automotive Markets in the China and Asean Markets. Scott Yaeger is responsible for the North American Automotive Market outside of Kirsten’s Geography and the Automotive and Industrial Markets in Japan, Korea, and Europe.

Filtration and Separation Technology LLC is the Exclusive Worldwide Distributor for Parker’s E-Coat Spiral Elements and Non Exclusive Worldwide Distributor for Parker’s anolyte cells (Anocelstm), Housings, Filters, and Accessories.

For more information contact:

Scott Yaeger
Phone: 219-325-0005  
Fax: 219-325-0101 

Tony Cimorelli
Phone: 352-750-5816
Fax: 352-750-5830 

Kirsten Kulik
Phone: 734-461-2868  
Fax: 219-325-0101