Filtration and Separation Technology Announces New Name

Effective immediately Filtration and Separation Technology LLC has been reorganized into the following companies to better represent our business and to more cleanly separate our functional organization.

Our manufacturing and distribution arm is now Filtration and Separation Technology International Inc. (d/b/a F.A.S.T. International Inc.) This includes our exclusive worldwide distribution of Parker Hannifin’s domnick hunter Process Advanced Filtration Ultrafiltration elements, and the sale of anolyte cells, UF filter housings, filter bags, accessories, etc. into Electrocoat Paint market. In addition, this entity will be responsible for the sale of other filtration products into other markets.

Our consulting and prototype development arm is now Filtration and Separation Technology Consulting LLC (d/b/a F.A.S.T. Consulting LLC). As indicated by its description, this group will be responsible for consulting and the development of prototype filtration elements to current and future clients.

Our property management group is and will continue to be ORP LLC which is responsible for the ownership and management of our facility at 620 Boston St., LaPorte, IN.

In addition, we have formed Filtration and Separation Technology Intellectual Property Inc. through which our patents will be managed.

About Filtration and Separation Technology International, Inc.

Filtration and Separation Technology International, Inc. is the Worldwide Distributor for Parker’s E-Coat Ultrafiltration Spiral Elements.  F.A.S.T. International, Inc. also offers its own complete line of UF Housing and Systems, Anolyte Cells and Systems, EDRO and EDWS Spiral RO Elements and Systems, and Liquid Bag Filters and Housings to compliment the Parker/F.A.S.T. Electrocoat Paint product line.

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