Filtration and Separation Technology International, Inc. Announces New Tubular Anolyte Cells for Electrocoat Paint Processes

LaPorte, IN (August 7, 2014) — Filtration and Separation Technology International, Inc. (d.b.a. F.A.S.T. International, Inc.) is pleased to announce a newly designed anolyte cell for Electrocoat paint stabilization trade named EDCell.

Filtration and Separation Technology Announces New Name

Our manufacturing and distribution arm is now Filtration and Separation Technology International Inc. (d/b/a F.A.S.T. International Inc.) This includes our exclusive worldwide distribution of Parker Hannifin’s domnick hunter Process Advanced Filtration Ultrafiltration elements, and the sale of anolyte cells, UF filter housings, filter bags, accessories, etc. into Electrocoat Paint market. In addition, this entity will be responsible for the sale of other filtration products into other markets.

Filtration and Separation Technology, LLC official launches a new brand identity that symbolizes the company’s dedication and focus.

The new logo design and color represents the smooth flow of a spiral filtration element as it separates the feed into clean permeate along with the reliability and promptness of the F.A.S.T., LLC.  According to Scott Yaeger, President of F.A.S.T., LLC, “Our goal in designing this logo was for it to symbolize our company’s dedication and focus in providing high quality filtration products and outstanding customer services.  With the new logo we have accomplished this goal and look forward to establishing a stronger presence in the filtration industry”.

Kirsten Kulik Joins Filtration & Separation Technology

Since 2009, FAST LLC with Parker’s Spiral Element product line has grown considerably resulting in our capability to invest further resources to better support our customers. To exemplify FAST’s commitment to invest in continuing to grow our business and service excellence, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Kirsten Kulik as a sales representative responsible for the supporting our current and future E-Coat customers in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois.

Tony Cimorelli Joins Filtration & Separation Technology

As an example of FAST’s commitment to service excellence, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Tony Cimorelli as a sales representative to the Industrial and Appliance E-Coat Market. Tony has many years of experience supporting the sales of filtration and separation devices into the E-Coat market at Romicon, AMT, PTI Advanced Filtration, dominick hunter and Parker Hannifin. We are pleased to have Tony representing FAST LLC to the industrial and Appliance E-Coat Customers.

New Distributor for ECoat Market!

Parker Hannifin Corporation of Cleveland, OH is pleased to announce the appointment of Filtration & Separation Technology LLC (FAST) as its exclusive worldwide distributor of their market leading Electrocoat Spiral Separation Elements. In addition, FAST will represent Parker Process Advanced Filtration anolyte cells (Anocel™ ), Housings, Filters, and Accessories into the E-coat Market.